Notice: CellAED® is currently unapproved as a Medical Device.

If viewing from Australia, please note Australia has strict laws governing the advertisement of medical devices before certification.

Our Purpose

To reduce the unacceptably high rate of death from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) around the world.

My wife had a sudden cardiac arrest
at home in 2014 and miraculously
survived despite the odds.

My mission is for the CellAED® to
help protect my family and yours.

- Founder, Donovan Casey

Our Story

In 2014, 41-year-old Sarah suddenly collapsed, couldn’t breathe and lost consciousness: she was in sudden cardiac arrest. Luckily, her partner, Donovan Casey, knew CPR and kept her alive until the ambulance – which was fortunately nearby – arrived on the scene. Paramedics took over the CPR and applied a defibrillator to shock Sarah’s heart back into its correct rhythm.

Sarah survived, making her one of the lucky 3%.

Around the world, nearly 16,500 people die from sudden cardiac arrest every day due to the delayed access to a defibrillator.

Grateful that he didn’t lose his partner that day, Donovan, a visionary entrepreneur, set about improving the odds for the 6 million people around the world who aren’t so lucky each year. His vision? To place an automated external defibrillator in every home and office around the world, dramatically increasing the accessibility of life saving defibrillation.

Several years on, Donovan and his highly skilled team members are aiming to make the CellAED® a fraction of the size and price of a standard AED.

This paradigm shift is made possible by the depth and breadth of our team’s expertise across disciplines as diverse as Medical, Engineering, Tech, Compliance, Business, Design and Manufacturing Operations.

From our ISO-accredited, Australian premises, we are building capacity to deliver more than 1 million units per year. With our manufacturing facilities strategically positioned close to our offices, we remain agile, allowing for speed, predictability and adaptability in our innovation.

Finally, underpinning everything we do are our five core values: Human First, Lead with Care, Think Smart, Never Settle and Second Chances. They express that above all, we are a human-driven company. Challenging the status quo isn’t easy. It takes grit, determination and the courage to see it through.

Our Story